Secure and efficient

Integrated web solution for healthcare professionals and patients


Translated into 5 languages


Increase in mobile usage


Increase in site traffic


A Multilingual Website

Design and rebuild a web platform for healthcare professionals and patients to connect

  • Multilingual; English, Mandarin, Polish, Romanian and Russian
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Interactive patient portal
  • Secure Medical Professionals portal

Bespoke Software Development

Interactive Patient Portal

A secure, easy to use web portal was developed for patients to communicate with the hospital

  • Information portal for stages of pregnancy
  • Online patient registration
  • Integration with iPM patient management system
  • BMI and due date calculators

Product Development


Bespoke web software with a focus on efficiency and reliability.

  •  DNN Evoq Content Management System (CMS)
  •  Microsoft .NET & SQL Server
  •  Angular.js, Bootstrap, jQuery
  •  HTML5, CSS3

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Consultation to Completion

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