Gaisce - The President's Award

Membership System

Empowerment. Inclusion. Respect. Excellence.


Current and past participants


Active PALs involved with Gaisce


Years supporting the youth of Ireland

Supporting the Youth of Ireland

Participants & Awards

A bespoke membership and award management system for participants, providers and PALs.

  • Registration and award applications
  • Application fee payment processing
  • Profile management including diary
Supporting Roles

Management Portals

Dedicated portals for PALs (President's award leaders) and GAPs (Gaisce Award Partners).

  • Garda vetting workflow
  • Activity management
  • Bronze, silver, gold, certificate award management
  • Management reporting
Web Development


A scalable, future-proofed enterprise membership platform.

  •  Microsoft Azure
  •  Microsoft .NET & SQL Server
  •  Angular, WebAPI, Bootstrap, jQuery
  •  HTML5, CSS3

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