The Future of Content Management

The Future of Content Management

Creating that new website has never been easier!

With the all new DNN Evoq 8 you can create pages in minutes. Build your own unique pages or drag and drop from the templates provided.

You can now store your digital assets in any cloud based storage provider which leaves it easier to share the work among your different company departments.

Crop and resize images on page and save them on-site or in an external digital asset management system like Dropbox or Sharepoint.

Create a content management workflow where you can have an approval stage before the content goes live. This means you can have content created by different departments in the knowledge that you can check and approve it first.

“Complete the circle on your sales cycle by integrating DNN Evoq with your SalesForce CRM; allowing leads to be tracked from the customer’s first visit right through to the sale.”

One great new feature in Evoq 8 is personalisation. You can custom build your page for individual visitors depending on their location, pages visited or link clicked.

On-page analytics lets you see those all-important page metrics and activity such as time spent on the page, traffic source, referral sites and much more without leaving the site.

For extra security you also have a fully flexible administration control system where you can decide who has access.

So what are you waiting for?

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