Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Why do you need a responsive web design?

With the every increasing use of mobile devices and business on the move is your business staying ahead of the competition? Is your website limited in its response to mobile devices?

In some cases the use of mobile devices are exceeding desktop usage and are on the increase.

Have you checked you websites traffic lately and what devices visitors are using to view your site. In your analytics go to audience – mobile and check out your bounce rate and time spent on site from the different devices. Are visitors leaving without getting past the home page? Your business could be losing out as visitors leave through frustration of having to scroll horizontally or not seeing all the images or content.

Responsive web design creates the optimal viewing experience across all devices from desktops, tablets to mobile devices and adapts its layout to the screen size to give the best possible user experience (ux).

Basically you have one site that responds and adapts to the device it is being viewed on, so you only have to enter the content once rather than having a different website for mobile and desktops.


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