Building that flexible compelling website with DNN Evoq (DotNetNuke)

Building that flexible compelling website with DNN Evoq (DotNetNuke)

Websites are constantly changing and evolving and are now one of the main ways we do business and shop.

Your website is like your shop window and one of your most valuable assets whereby first impressions make lasting impressions. That first initial 5 seconds when a visitor is looking at your home page is the difference in deciding to enter to see more or move on. You want to captivate your audience in that time and get that initial interaction. Your website should be thought of as one of your primary marketing tools and not an IT solution.

Before building your website you must also have a clear plan and define your goals. What do you want visitors to do when they reach your site? What message do you want to get across? It is also useful to check out what your competitors are at.

You may also want to consider some of the following points before constructing your wireframe;

  • Consider the functionality of your site
  • The ease of navigation from page to page
  • Have you quality original content, easy to read
  • Call to action buttons
  • Clear high definition images with good visual impact
  • Regular updates or latest news 
  • Do you need to incorporate videos, image galleries, etc
  • Add social sharing buttons
  • It must be responsive for all devices

You will also want a content management system that is easy to use and update.

DNN Evoq is one of the world’s leading content management systems (CMS) which has an expansive suite of business solutions and web applications.

We have also developed our own application framework which merges with DNN to create even more flexible web solutions.

It is an ideal foundation upon which to build that powerful and engaging website.

Don’t just create a good website, create a great website.

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