Project Management

From Conception to Completion

We are successful because we develop and maintain ongoing relationships with our clients and we don't disappear the moment your project is complete.



Whether you're developing a new website or intranet application, i.e. CRM, our goal is to ensure we provide you with the best possible solution. Inventise have an enviable level of experience bringing new concepts to the web, both for start-ups and re-launching existing sites. Inventise specialise in bespoke software developments and will take you through the entire process step by step, from initial consultation to completion. Our results speak for themselves as shown in Our Work.


Specifications and Objectives

Inventise have developed solutions for a wide variety of diverse applications. Our engineers and consultants will work with your own team in putting together the requirements and/or conducting market research? Following this, we put together a detailed specification document covering the deliverables of the project.

Research & Design

Your website's main goal is to engage with users, so why leave them out of the process? Our consultants and staff stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies and Inventise have built up a large amount of information on user behaviour through our existing projects. In conjunction with your own team, we use this knowledge to ensure we provide the optimum design for your new website or application.



The development stage is where we work on the website or application which has been designed as part of the previous phases. To ensure a smooth and slick user interface, Inventise develop using the latest AJAX web technologies. In addition, Inventise we have invested heavily in mobile frameworks and as a result of this have one of the most flexible smart phone and tablet optimisation solutions available.


Launch and Ongoing Support

We treat our projects as partnerships between us and our clients and as such we continue to support and enhance their solutions over time. Our long-standing relationships with our clients is testament to this approach. Ongoing enhancements may include anything from introducing additional revenue streams on a website to introducing integrations with corporate systems.